New for 2018 – Indoor Swing Studio

Newly constructed and available late Summer 2018, the Indoor Swing Studio is conveniently located next to the Professional Shop, where a Skytrak Simulator with Launch Monitor have been installed.  This excellent system provides instant feedback which is ideal for club fitting and lessons

The Studio will be used for tuition by the Professional team by measuring and analysing several key statistics which can be used to guide you towards the perfect technique. Statistics including: carry distance, total distance, club-head speed, ball speed, launch angle, side-spin and accuracy can all be collected.

Club fitting will also be undertaken in the Studio. Using the launch Monitor we can recommend the equipment that is going to improve your accuracy, consistency and distance.

Game simulation is another great way for members and guests to use the Studio. Whether using the simulator as practice or competing with friends on a famous course, the Swing Studio can be hired out by the hour.

For more information on the Swing Studio or to book your slot, contact the Pro Shop on 01280 815566 (option 2) or 01280 815210. 

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