Whilst Buckingham Golf Club aims to promote a relaxed atmosphere, we do seek to maintain an acceptable standard of dress, both on the course and in the clubhouse. Members and Visitors are respectfully asked to confirm to the Club's Dress Code which maintains a high standard of smart conventional golf and casual clothing. 

Thank you.

In order to encourage a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the Clubhouse, smart/casual dress is permitted. ‘Smart/casual’ can mean different things to different people so, for clarity, please see the following definitions.

All members and guests are asked to support the staff who are authorised to deal with any apparent breach in this Dress Code.
If in doubt please ask the Club Professional or General Office who will be pleased to help and advise.


Please note the following may not be worn in any area of the Clubhouse.

x Golf/baseball hats
x Golf Shoes 
x Wet or dirty clothing or waterproofs 

Also, in the clubhouse, members and visitors are expected to be smartly and appropriately dressed. Please note that footwear must always be worn in the clubhouse and walking around in socks or barefoot is NOT permitted.

Modern casual shoes are permitted including Smart Trainers, Sandals, Loafers and Deck Shoes ( NO flip-flops or slippers). Men are also requested to wear socks (but this is not compulsory).

Smart Demin jeans and trainers will normally be acceptable, although exceptions may be made for certain events. For formal events gentlemen may be asked to wear a jacket and tie. Notification will be given on these occasions.

If the clubhouse has been hired, smart casual, including jeans is acceptable. 


A good standard of golf dress is expected on the golf course and practice putting green.

 As a guide we request the following:


(rules apply to Juniors members age 12-18)

Recognised smart and conventional golf attirex Denim Wear
Tailored shorts (cut above the knee), socks in a single plain colour must be worn with shortsx Cargo or combat, trouser or shorts (with pockets on the legs)
Collarless shirts designed specifically for golf may be worn x Track suits and jogging suits or any variants of these
Shirts must be tucked in trousers or shorts on the course. However, Tailored Shirts or those specifically designed to do so, can be worn outside.x Sleeveless or collarless shirts or shirts with indiscreet slogans or logo's
Golf caps and headwear must be worn as it is designed to do so with visors forward x Training shoes
Golf shoes must be worn on the coursex Flip flops
x Beach wear


(rules apply to Juniors members age 12-18)

Recognised smart and conventional golf attirex Denim Wear
Recognised golf tops with collar/with or without sleevesx Track suits, jogging suits or any variant of these
Collarless shirts designed specifically for golfx Any garments with indiscreet slogans or logos
Ladies may wear shirts outside their trousers or skirts if they are designed to do sox Training shoes
Golf headwear must be worn as it is designed to do so with visors forwardx Beach wear
x Flip fops


Juniors Members under 12 may wear- any casual trouser or short with socks and training shoes. 

It is preferred that they wear tee shirts with collar and try to maintain a clean, smart and casual appearance however, the Juniors organiser may relax the dress code at any time depending on circumstances. 


We also encourage a similar standard of dress on the driving range. However we will accept the following:

  • Smart jeans and denim, but not soiled, torn or ripped jeans or denim trousers, cargo pants, cut-off’s for men
  •  Shirts with collars, But not T-shirts or rugby/football style shirts with large advertising slogans
  •  No metal spiked shoes in the covered bays

Mobile Devices

Mobile phones must not be used for making or receiving calls when in the Clubhouse, on the Course, or on the Practice Putting area. Calls can be made or received in the Car Park area, and also on the Driving Range.

Internet enabled mobile phones & devices may be used for text messaging, accessing the internet (including distance measuring devices) and general use within the Clubhouse and on the Course provided the device is on silent or vibrate mode.

Dress Code Chart

To see a pictorial representation of attire please click here

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